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December 1981

Dear Keith Haining,

Thanks for the November 1981 Newsletter regarding the formation of the Club.

In 1934 when we first started motorcycling, there was a small group of us who met in the evenings (Summer and Winter) on Mauldeth Road opposite the Princess Hotel. The group included Herbert Stanbury, Vin Foster, Geoff Machan, Bert Lacey, myself and Cliff Somers. There were no organised runs for Sundays, we would make loose arrangements to meet and go where the mood and the weather indicated; Southport, the Caves at Castleton, Derbyshire etc.

There was also another small group in Chorlton doing just the same thing. This group included Roy and Reg Hallam, “Squib” Cave, the Hines Bros. and Cliff Somers. It was Cliff who told our group that they were thinking of forming a club - and how about our crowd at Mauldeth Road joining with them. We did of course; a night was appointed to meet and an upstairs room was booked in Lanes Cafe on Barlow Moor Road. A small advert was inserted in a local free paper, the Chorlton & Wilbraham News, inviting other interested motorcyclists.

When the meeting agreed that a club should be formed and suggestions for a name invited, we had a little difficulty. We didn’t want a name that sounded restricted to an area. e.g. Chorlton and District M.C.Club or the South Manchester M.C.Club etc. I think it was Eric Winter who finally had the idea. Take a count of the intended members - and call it by that number.

We did - there were 17- and The Manchester 17 it became !

All the best,

Derek Anyon.

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