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I have received several letters from people who have seen the 75th Anniversary publicity. Gordon Riley writes “ I joined the club in the late 1950s in order to ride in ACU licensed grass-tracks, scrambles and sand-races. The chairman came from Bredbury and his name was John or Len Arden. We met at Stockport County’s club and the star member in those days was Dave Chadwick who rode Nortons for Reg Dearden. All the best for the reunion on 22nd !”

Dave Chadwick came from Sharston and had a Grand Prix and TT career from 1953 to 1959 riding for Ducati and MV Augusta. He was tragically killed at a Belgium International at Mettet in 1960 and Mike Hailwood was said to be a bearer at his Northenden funeral.

Dave Chadwick
Ducati (no 26) at the 1958 TT