Dave Rowland

All material appearing here has been provided by Doreen Rowland. We do not know who the photographers were, if possible would they please contact the club.

The '17' is hugely proud of its ties to Dave Rowland - he was not just a great trials rider but also a hard working member of the ACU Trials Committee for many years and a true stalwart of the club having been a member of the committee in many roles for years and years. He is missed.

Dave left 3 scrap books, some with his achievements and others showing his interests in other Manchester 17 Club members and local motorcyclists.

The club has had these books scanned and reproduce them here with the permission of Doreen Rowland. They are intended to help those who are interested in the history of the club and its more famous members as well as for those who are doing research and mostly for those who just want to enjoy fond memories.

The following list are links to .pdf files of individual pages of the scrap books, just double click the page link and they will download to your computer.

Dave Rowland's achievements:Scrap book1 1960 -1968

P1 1960

P2 & P3 1961 1 and 1962

P4 & P51962 1 and 1963

P6 & P7 1963 b and 1963

P8 & P15 1963 & 1964

P9 & P14 1963

P10 & P11 1963

P12 & P13 1963

P16 1964

P17 1964 b

P18 1965

P19 1965 b

P20 1966

P21 1966

P22 1966

P23 1966

P24 1966

P25 1967

P26 1967

P27 1967 Bemrose probably

P28 photos Sidecar army presentation narrow section

P30 & P31 1967

P32 & P33 1967 SSDT

P34 & P29 1967 SSDT

P35 1968 Bultaco


Dave's later memories - Scrap Book 2

DR Scrap book 2 Page 1

DR Scrap book 2 Page 2

DR Scrap book 2 Page 3

DR Scrap book 2 Page 4 17 March 1971

DR Scrap book 2 Page 5

DR Scrap book 2 Page 6


Dave's interests - Scrap Book 3

Dave's world stage to local hero's - John Hartle and other local riders and clubmen as well as Surtees, Duke, Hailwood etc.

L-RDave SeymoreFrankLeverBrian HattonJohn Roberts_DoreenRowlandHaroldHulme_PaatRoberts_

P1 John Hartle close up and racing

P3 & P4 Henry pleased Stan Woods picture

P5 & P6 Dave 1967 SSDt Foyers & Good start for Scott

P7 & P8 Winsford for Ady photos Scott

P9 & P10 trophys and Rowland resigns

P11 & P12 Tykes and Receives Rock

P13 & P14 switch to chairs

P15 & P16 Rastus Stems & Miler Magnificent

P17 & P18 1962 TT 3 Hailwood 6 Hocking & Duke Gilera 10

P19 & P20 Speedway & Cecil Sandford 45 dustbin

P21 & P22 faces TT100 & Secretary begins with easy win

P23 & P24 1957 senior TT & Bob Mac first Ton

P25 & P2 John Hartle photos & artical

P27 1980 SSDT photos

P28 No22 big slide

P29 & P30 dustbin no 78 & handlebar faring no 64

P31 Hartle crashing no 19

P32 Hailwood no 6

P33 & P34 Dave Bushman no 17 & Keep experts on move

P35 & P36 pic Freddie Frith & Late Lamkin at Alan

P37 & P38 Vic Brittain & Superb Scholey

P39 & P26 both Scott 1979 Foxup

P41 & P42 Scholey succeeeds & Great Scott

P43 & P44 Scott TY175 no 27 & Scott class of his own

P45 & P46 Side car photo and Sponsor for Scott & M17 Team Trial

P47 & P48 Scottsays thanks & 3 photos of Scott

P49 & P50 Photo Scott no 153 (Scottish)& Brownee by 1 at Eagles

P51 & P40 Oakley masters Muddy & Birthday success at Nantwich

P52 helmet tree


Results - just the 1963 Clayton for now:

19630804 Clayton Trial results P1

19630804 Clayton Trial results P2

19630804 Clayton Trial results P3

19630804 Clayton Trial results P4

19630804 Clayton Trial results P5

19630804 Clayton Trial results P6

19630804 Clayton Trial results P7

19630804 Clayton Trial results P8

19630804 Clayton Trial results P9

19630804 Clayton Trial results P10

19630804 Clayton Trial results P11