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 Join Online via the ACU website here.  It's only possible to join the club through the ACU website.







Join the ACU, then the club

Becoming a member of the Manchester 17 MCC Ltd. is really simple!

Just go to the Auto Cycle Union homepage at and hit the Members Portal link up at the top right hand corner, above their phone number (01788 566400).

·     If you're already registered with the ACU, that should take you straight to your own portal page.  You may need to hit the    Login Securely link.  Make any changes since you last updated it (especially contact details like your email address) and then Save Changes.

·     If you're not already registered with the ACU you'll need to set up a profile, so use the Apply Now link and work through.  Once you're fully set up you'll get a permanent ACU Number.  Keep a note of that – you'll need it!


Done all that?  There's a blue band across the main ACU homepage, with various tabs.  Go to Club Membership > Apply or renew.

You can join more than one club, but must select one as your Primary Club.  That's the one through which ACU issue your annual Competition Licence/Trials Registration.

Again, work through, find and select Manchester 17 MCC Ltd. and pay the £5.00 annual club membership fee.  You pay the ACU, they send us the balance.

You can get the ACU official Members Portal help page here as a .pdf file.

2021 - Covid and club membership

For 2021, because of the effects of Covid on the sport, the Man17 Committee decided to extend all 2020 club memberships over to 2021 free of charge.

Unusually, therefore, for 2021 there are two options for joining the club – one “free” for those who were members in 2020 and one for £5.00 for those who weren't.  Just select whichever is appropriate for you.  Under the Club Membership tab there's an option to view your Application History – which clubs you were with & when.

We have to check that you've ticked the right option for 2021 so we currently have the system set to Manual Approval.  We do this when ACU auto-email us saying you've applied – it's usually pretty quick, depending on when you do it.

You should then get an email from us confirming your successful application but, just occasionally, we find there's a problem with the email address you've given and so we'll try to contact you some other way.  (If you don't receive anything from us within a few days, please contact the Membership Secretary on .)

What about my Licence or Trials Registration?

Once you've joined the club, you can head to that blue band again, hit My Licences and then go ahead and sort whatever form of Licence you need.  (And yes, a Trials Registration is a form of Licence.  Don't ask – it just is!)

That's it – everything done for the year!  You're now a member of Man17 with a valid current  competition licence from ACU who should post the actual Licence Card to you shortly.

It may all look a bit complex first time through but, once you've worked out what's where and what you need to do, it should be possible for most members to both join the club AND do their Licence in just a few minutes in one online session each year.

What's this Annual Code thing I've heard about?  And do I need one?

The ACU need to be sure that everyone they issue a Competition Licence to is a member of at least one ACU club for the relevant year.  Joining online does that – it's their system so they automatically know when you've joined a club via the online system.

If someone joins a club some other way, ACU don't immediately know about it and so, when you apply for your Licence each year, they need something from us to say you're OK.  To do that, they give all clubs a batch of year/club Code numbers: clubs can then pass a Code to any member who needs one.

An annual ACU Code is not the same as an ACU Number.  An ACU Number is permanent – yours forever - whereas an ACU Code is annual.

An annual Code for Man17 would be in the format YY015LNNN.  YY is the year (e.g. 2021 would be 21), 015 is Man17 and the LNNN would be replaced by a letter and 3 numbers – those are what identify the individual member in each case.  (If we gave both you and your mate annual Codes, they'd both start with the same club/year parts but the LNNN bits would be different.  Two people cannot use the identical Annual Code.  The system will be rude to you if you try!)

If you've joined online, you won't need an annual Code.  Simple, eh?

If for some reason we do give you a Code, when applying for your Licence, there'll be somewhere to enter that Code – doing that tells the ACU that “Man17 say I'm OK.”

Why online only?

We've used paper membership forms forever – it was originally the only way to join.  But the  downside of using them is that what's written isn't always complete and clear to anyone else but the person who wrote it, there can be a delay between applying and getting the Annual Code, there was often confusion between the permanent ACU Number and the Annual Code and, after all that's sorted, someone still has to process & store the forms and then go and pay the money in.

That's why we've decided to go for using just the online membership option.

1.      It's quick, clear, simple & paperless.

2.      Joining the club AND doing your Licence can both be done in one quick session from the comfort of your own home at a time that's convenient to you.  Put an entry in your diary for next year!

3.      Payment via the ACU is cashless and secure.

4.      As online is the only option, there's no possibility of mix-ups between paper/online.

5.      It's the same system that ACU use for entering events, many of which are now online only.

6.      It saves time at events, allowing the Secretary of the Meeting to concentrate on getting everyone signed on.

Ready to go?  Head to the ACU website here

Online.  It's the way forward!

Still scratching your head?

We appreciate that not everyone is comfortable using computers and that, especially at first, this can all be more than a little confusing.

If you need help doing it, either ask a mate who's done it before or contact the Manchester 17 MCC Ltd Membership Secretary on

For any technical queries you're best contacting the ACU headquarters direct on 01788 566400 or

You'll find information about ACU Licences and the Codes at:












OUR CLUB - A Limited Company?

What does it mean??


In 2007 The Manchester "17" MCC became a company limited by guarantee and is now known as the Manchester 17 MCC Ltd.  The Manchester 17 MCC Ltd. logo is a Registered Trademark of the Manchester 17 M.C.C. Ltd.

This means that it does not have shares or shareholders, but instead it has members. Its day-to-day management is carried out by the Committee and the directors.  By becoming a member you will be entitled to do the following things:

·         to attend and vote at general meetings; normally there will be one meeting per year, called the Annual General Meeting or AGM, and you will be given at least two weeks' notice of the place and time of the meeting for example to:-

·         to receive the annual accounts of the company;

·         to elect the Committee by voting at the meeting;

·         to vote on any fundamental changes to the nature of the company, its name, its purposes, or what happens to its profits.

We may also need to call other general meetings in exceptional circumstances.

You will not be entitled to receive any dividend or other income from the company.

If the company makes a profit this will be retained to help pay for the company's activities in the following years. If the company is wound up you will not receive any money from the company because its constitution requires that it should be paid to another similar organisation.

The constitution is made up of the memorandum and the articles of association. The memorandum sets out what the company can do and why it exists; and the articles deal with the holding of meetings, the admission of members, the election of the Committee and the directors and other rules relating to the running of the company. These are legal documents that are registered on the public records for the company held at Companies House. They may also be inspected (by arrangement) at Manchester 17 MCC Ltd. Macclesfield SK10 4RR. You can download a copy of the memorandum and the articles of association on the club website here.

You will not be liable for any debts of the company by becoming a member. You will not be liable if someone brings a legal case against the company.

This is because like most other companies it is a limited company, which means your liability as a member is limited. If the company is wound up (which may happen, for example, if it cannot pay its debts) then you will have to pay no more than 25p to the company.

This is the amount that you `guarantee' or promise to pay to the company by becoming a member, as set out in clause 3 of the memorandum. In addition, if you have paid a subscription to the company there may not be enough funds left to return to you any of that subscription, even if the winding up happens part way through a membership year.

The Club's Articles of Association can be found here and the Memorandum of Association can be found here.