This is some of the stuff the club has bought to help run events

The club owns its badge as a registered trade mark  click here for more information on it.

June 2021 - 20 new observer boards to replenish our lost/damaged stock ready for the Dave Rowland 40 section national and close to an extra 1000 red/blue/white/yellow flags for route and section marking


In use since the Post Covid 'Pilot ' Trial on 2 August 2020

from a local supplier in Leek



The club has  bought a batch of 'paper boy bags' specifically sized to carry those 'York Survey' wire flag markers. They have 2 pockets in the side to carry route marking arrows and staple guns or other items needed while setting up an event.


To help carry those big plastic pink and red poles for route marking, especially at enduros and for easier carriage on a bike Mike Kelly made these 6 "carpet bags" for the club

We got this big version of our logo for use in the Isle of Man for a commemoration of the clubs efforst is getting helicopter medical coverage of the Manx GP back in 1978. Its now in stock and available for other uses.

Back in stock club caps thanks to the considerable efforts of Rick Stewart are a new batch of caps again only availabe for those who help us in our sporting efforts. You can tell the new batch from the 'originals' from the embroidery on the sdes and back being in yellow - the originals are in white. Again they look even better in the flesh than here

Not available for sale

These caps are earned by those who help make your club what it is, so respect, please.

Lumix weatherproof club camera, hope it's Mr P proof too?

The new 'Trials' Gazebo being assembled and tested 30 April 2016:

A second 'Enduro' gazebo without side (which have been lost)

3 sets of riding number tabards: 0-150 Orange with black numbers

0-150 White black numbers

0-150 Green white numbers

Club Camera  Canon Power Shot A470

Club Banner Yellow Back lettering (second identical banner has been lost)

2 club flags (white with logo and stands)

Loads of section marking (paper boy) bags this lot were new in summer 2015

Thousands of section markers wires our own loops and York Survey  and (Vacuum Former) plastic triangles

Almost 100 observer boards

Lap top computer (old)

Loud hailer

hundreds of pink and red route parking poles

Stock of M17 pens / pencils / stickers / window stickers / lapel badges (pins)

loads of waterproof / wipe proof observer cards