Click here for an extract from the Peak District National Park Annual  Report from 1999-2000 about what we did at Roych Clough (and they still closed it to us)


Rights Of Way Annual Report 14 November 2017.

I have continued to attend meetings with PDVUG, PDNPA and the Planning Inspectorate to discuss Rights Of Way issues.

I am still very concerned that despite our best efforts the PDNPA continues to endeavour to implement discriminatory Permanent Traffic Restriction Orders against all motorised vehicle users on ‘Green Lanes’ in the National Park.

Our actions, with the assistance of PDVUG, secured the exemptions for the Bemrose and Reliance Trials from the TRO placed upon Washgate.

After much effort by PDVUG the decision of the Public Inspector finding against the status of Derby Lane has been overturned but the PDNPA TRO will still prevent our use of the route. Brushfield and Putwell Hill have both been lost to trail riders as the route was classified following the DMMO application to Bridleway and footpath. I must reiterate that it is vitally important that we submit as many genuine User Evidence Forms as is possible to future inquiries.

Action by PDVUG was instrumental in having Minninglow and Pindale both recorded as being BOAT status. We, in conjunction with a number of TRF Groups, GLASS and PDVUG are supporting a Voluntary Restraint requested by the PDNPA on Minninglow this winter.

I have submitted a report to the PDNPA against their proposed TRO on the UCH at Wetton, often referred to as the Manifold Valley route. I am waiting for the second stage to be announced before I can try to proceed further.

Derbyshire County Council is seeking to close a BOAT, Jacobs Ladder, Stoney Middleton. PDVUG is concerned that there are two additional potential closures of UCHs in the Taddington area, plus others to follow in quick succession.The opposition groups manage to get more people to complain than we muster to object or record personal usage, this imbalance must be dramatically addressed or we shall loose more lanes.

Action by ourselves, PDVUG and GLASS helped to secure an exemption for motorcycles to continue to use New Road, Eyam, whilst a general TRO for repair work is in action.

I have been liaising with Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire East County Council HA to try and have the obstruction on Heild Lane, Wildboarclough, removed. There is a legal complication which must be sorted before any further action can be pursued. I have also undertaken meetings with Cheshire Constabulary to improve relationships between legitimate riders and the Police.


Posted 29th October 2017

Greetings folks,

Just a few updates on local issues for you,

Jacobs Ladder, Stoney Middleton - the DCC HA met on Friday last to discuss the proposal of implementing a TRO on this little lane just outside of Eyam. PDVUG  attended to oppose the proposition but it was supported by PHP and the rest of the anti motorist brigade. This means that DCC will start proceedings which are likely to take some time to process. We are fully represented by PDVUG with whom I am working.

New Lane, Eyam  - this route remains closed to four wheeled vehicles but there is still an exemption for motorcyclists to use the lane.

Pindale and Minninglow - just to remind you that both routes received BOAT status earlier this year as a direct intervention of ourselves and PDVUG. 

Minninglow and Gallowlow - both sections of this route get very wet over the winter months and so PDVUG, GLASS and Treadlightly are working with the PDNPA to request a Voluntary Restraint of use. The National TRF are opposed to such measures in the Peak District but as in the past I seriously recommend that we support the request along with the Manchester Group of the TRF, plus other motorcycle groups in the area.

Heild End, Wildboarclough - regrettably this route remains in dispute and I ask for your restraint in not attempting to use it. I have remained in direct contact with both the local farmer and the Cheshire Constabulary. The main issue at the moment is that there is a dispute over the legality of the route but I am entering into working with Cheshire East CC HA to establish both clarity and probable removal of any obstructions. I should add that the farmer concerned has no problems with us but he has been plagued by anti social behaviour of various kinds.

Back Ecton, Wetton Mill - the PDNPA APR Committee at Stage 1 has decided to further investigate and implement a full TRO on the route. Effectively this means that they must move to Stage 2 at which we can try to apply a positive influence to minimise or even over turn the previous decision. I have already entered into correspondence with the PDNPA and of course this will be followed up in the future. This route at present does not have a request for Voluntary Restraint but it would assist our cause if the route was not used over the wet winter months. Should be fine when crisp and dry but a problem during prolonged wet periods.




Posted 24th September 2017

Back of Ecton to Wetton Manifold Valley route.



This quiet little route is currently under extra scrutiny by the PDNPA for the possible imposition of a Permanent Traffic Regulation, TRO.

 The PDNPA ARP Committee met on Friday 15th September to discuss at Stage 1 the possibility of introducing a Permanent TRO. Naturally we in conjunction with PDVUG, GLASS and the TRF registered our objections to the proposal. Along with PDVUG we suggested that a Seasonal TRO would be applicable to protect the route from extra erosion during the wet winter months. I am pleased to report that the Parish Council also supported the proposal for a restricted Seasonal TRO.

 You may recall that two years ago we operated a Voluntary Restriction on this lane, sadly we were let down by only a few non members choosing to ignore the request. Well, we can’t be held accountable for the irresponsible actions of others.

 The principle causes of the small areas to become rutted are the direct result of increased rainfall plus a lack of repairs and maintenance by the Highway Authority. Through PDVUG we have continued to offer to provide our voluntary support to help repair, maintain and improve the localised conditions.

 The PDNPA ARP voted to move to a Stage 2 Consultation. Unfortunately I could not attend the meeting so I have carefully listened to the audio recording  and as a result I have written to the Chairman with a number of observations.

  I will back with an update before the next ARP meeting, in the meantime if you want to listen to the meeting follow the link and click on the little button next to the #6;





Posted 5th August 2017

We’re having a ‘last push’ to harvest user statements from people who have used these lanes on motor bikes (and/or in cars) during the period before 2004, to add to our submission to DCC. Showing regular use for 20 years before 2004 is the only way we will save these routes for motorists.


1.  Bulltor Lane / Broadway Lane (Brushfield to Priestcliffe)  -  for more info reply to


2.  Dokindale / Dakindale Road (Taddington)  -  for more info reply to


Below are links to pdf files containing guidance, maps and a blank user form.

Broadway Bull Tor UEF guidance

Dakindale Road UEF guidance

PDVUG Row UEF (blank form)

Please complete a user form for either of these routes if you used either during the 1980s or 1990s.  Best to print the form and send it to the address given by ‘snail mail’ please (hand written statements are preferred by DCC).  A signed map showing the route ridden should also be enclosed.

If you can get the completed forms back no later than 12th August we should be able to get them accepted by the Authority.





Posted 20th July 2017

Greetings folks,


A few lines to let you know that I have just been informed that the final paperwork has been completed by the PDNPA to close Washgate to all casual recreational motorists and that the Order comes into force on 21st July 2017.


Disappointing news, but yet some positivity on the other hand in that at least access for the Bemrose and Reliance Trials has been extended by annual application.


Apologies for not being able to keep it open all year for at least all motorcyclists but still part of a cake is better than none.





Posted 3rd July 2017

Last month I, PDVUG and GLASS, wrote to a DCC Consultation regarding a proposed TRO to be applied to New Road, Eyam, requesting an exemption for motorcyclists. The route connects Eyam to Grindleford and the TRO is to address the problems of land slippage.


"Thank you for your comments regarding the use of New Road, Eyam by Motor cycles.


The authority has a duty to provide a route for all traffic providing that it is safe to do so. In this instance the road is not passable by motor vehicles at the present time, hence the need to restrict them.  It is a narrow section of carriageway that is to be maintained and I have asked the question as to whether this narrow route will be suitable for motorbikes as it is not a tarmacked surfaced road.  It is a flexible bound stone surface and as you can appreciate the authority has to maintain a route that is safe for the users permitted. I suspect that the off road motorbikes will be able to comfortably and safely negotiate this section and therefore I will therefore allow them as an exemption. I will however have to review the situation should the safety of the permitted users be compromised as the condition of the surface is monitored.




It is of course now for us to return and respect the trust of DCC.





Posted 29th June 2017

GLASS has been formally consulted by the Derbyshire County Council ROW Office in connection with a Byway claim for Broadway Lane & Bull Tor Lane, in the Parishes of Brushfield and Taddington, in Derbyshire. We  We arrears  are seeking those of you who have used this route between 1984 and 2004.  A research team has been set up specifically to collate all available user evidence relating to the route in question.

Here is a pdf file containing details of the request for information to help save this green lane.  It also includes a map to show the location.  Please have a look to see if you can help, and if you can, let us know right away by replying to our dedicated mailbox at

If you have already seen a similar request via social media or the GLASS Bulletin, please accept my apologies for repeating it, but we wish to reach as wide an audience as possible in the green lane fraternity so please pass this message onto friends and family too."







Posted 3rd May 2017


On Sunday last, I spent the day at the invitation of the Derbyshire Police Rural Crime Team looking at possible illegal use of some of the routes in the Peak District. I thought that I should share a few of the outcomes with you.

I had the opportunity to speak with local residents and farmers, which I found very interesting and in certain respects enlightening. I must say that I got the opinion that they are not simply 'against' all vehicle users but only those who ride past at inappropriate speeds, noise level and some night time use.

One farmer expressed concern that where some users have accelerated hard on loose surfaces it is creating ruts and scattering the surface material. He told me that the majority of riders are just fine when they show respect to the land and stock but unfortunately the bad ones, whom we are sure are not our members, are causing damage and that is why he reluctantly would rather that we were not there. Parts of one of his fields have been churned up by inappropriate off-piste use. I know the areas to which he refers and can acknowledge his point of view.

Another farmer told me how increasingly in the early hours of the morning he has been out 'lambing' and has repeatedly heard and seen folk using the lanes at around 03:30. Now with rural crime in respect of farm thefts and intimidation of farmer workers increasing he is naturally concerned, just as you and I would be. He told me that he asked one small group why they were there at that hour and was told that they were simply following their sat nav and got lost, would you simply follow a sat nav up Putwell Hill at that hour  :shock: Another told him that they were simply on their way home from the pub   :? 

Local residents related the same experiences of their concerns at the  perception of intimidation, theft, etc, adding that most riders are reasonable but how can they make a decision under similar circumstances.

The Police officers I accompanied yesterday are ex-bikers themselves and whilst they empathise with some of our concerns their job is to catch those who bring the rest of us into disrepute. Personally, I really do hope that they catch some of the criminal fraternity since it is they who are simply spoiling it for the rest of us.

Well, I thought that I should just share this experience with you in the hope that we can perhaps look at the picture from a slightly different view point and perhaps pass the message on to others.

May I also remind, or even inform, folk that we can no longer use Derby Lane, which has a Permanent TRO imposed by the PDNPA   :( nor Brushfield/Putwell Hill which has been formally classified as a Bridleway. Of recent months I have met other motorised users in the area who did not know of the closures, fortunately they were not on either lane.

The signs on Long Rake at Derby Lane are perfectly clear to see but those on Brushfield, in my opinion, are not at the Putwell end which is a point that I shall be posing to the relevant authorities in due course. 

I am very pleased to record that we did not experience any inappropriate behaviour on the routes.

Just as an update, two lanes that we can no longer ride, Brushfield is now a Bridleway; Derby Lane is subject to a Permanent TRO, but on a happier note the PDVUG requested VR on Minninglow/Gallowlow has now ended. A big thank you to all who supported the request.

Please consider joining the Trail Riders Fellowship,, as their collective funds help to fight the inappropriate closure of lanes.



Posted 3rd April 2017

Preserving Green Lanes in the Peak District.

I wonder, please, if the Peak & Derbyshire Vehicle User Group (PDVUG) could make a plea for assistance from readers who in years gone by may have ridden green lanes in the Peak District? PDVUG acts to be one voice for national recreational motoring groups and for local clubs whose members use green lanes in the Peak District and Derbyshire in general, by maintaining a dialogue with the Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) and Derbyshire County Council (DCC).

The Group fights to ensure that as many lanes as possible are recorded formally by DCC as having vehicle rights and PDVUG challenges the actions of the PDNPA, which appears, by its actions, to have a mission to put Traffic Regulation Orders on many of the green lanes in order to exclude recreational riders from the Peak District.

Currently, DCC is undertaking a review of over 100applications for some disputed rights of way and for many ‘unsealed' unclassified roads to be confirmed as byways open to all traffic (BOATS). The review of each lane involves DCC researching historical maps and legal documents dating from around 1750 to the present day. Sadly we are losing lanes because the available evidence is lacking historical evidence of modern vehicle usage. The best way that we can prevent lanes, which we currently ride, becoming classified as bridleways and footpaths is to provide what is called “User Evidence”.

Proving actual vehicle use can often override the negative historical evidence and is the best way to secure a lane's future.  User evidence takes the form of a statement of prior use by means of a brief questionnaire being completed by anyone who has ridden a particular lane.  Unfortunately, due to the way the law is written, we need evidence of vehicle use for a 20 year period, which is usually based from around 1980 to 2004.Many people currently riding the lanes did not do so in the1980s and 90s, either because they are new to the activity or are simply too young.   Our plea is to your older readers who still ride or have ridden lanes in the Peak District to let us know if they would be willing to support our efforts by sending a very brief email to us at  We can also be found on Facebook under PDVUG and Twitter @PDVUG.

To every respondent, we would forward a map showing the lanes for which we need user evidence and asking them to complete asimple questionnaire. That way we can capture any riding history and help to keep the lanes open now and for future generations.


Yours faithfully,

Nigel Bennett,

Chairman PDVUG, email  

this letter is also available to download as a .pdf file here

Posted 18th March2017


Despite our efforts the final nail has been added to the coffin of Monksdale Lane, Tideswell.

The file that I was going to attach is too large but basically it simply confirms that the lower section between Summer Cross and Sherwood Road is no longer a route for us to use, so blot it off your maps and gpx files.

I expect that the road signs will be erected fairly swiftly following the six week objection period, which started 24th February 2017.

The upper section from Wheston Hall/Middle Farm, often incorrectly referred to as part of Monksdale is Wheston BOAT 7 and can still be ridden. However, since it shares with the Pennine Bridleway who knows for how long?



Posted 5th March2017:


Simply to provide you with an update with regards to Washgate.

I, plus Alan Kind representing the ACU and Mike Gallagher representing the Poachers MCC, attended and addressed the Meeting of the ARP Committee yesterday, 3rd March 2017, 
on your behalf.  The meeting was to consider only the exemption section of the proposed Permanent Traffic Regulation Order.

The official audio recording can be found at;

The Committee still intends to apply a Permanent TRO thereby basically banning all recreational motor vehicles but with a specified exception for two named trials events; Bemrose and Reliance.

However, the exemption has responsibilities and duties attached to it and could be withdrawn so not a 'Right' to run.

Nevertheless, I see this outcome as a significant movement forward in our continuing efforts of endeavouring to build positive relationships with the PDNPA and hopefully the other user groups too.


Posted 28th February 2017:


Just to keep you up to date today I received an email from the PDNPA informing me of the proposed Audit Resources and Performance Committee meeting;

Dear Sir/Madam

Washgate – Proposed Traffic Regulation Order

I last wrote to you in November 2016 to advise you of your opportunity to make representations on the Authority’s proposed modification relating to a traffic regulation order exemption covering named motorcycle events. Since then, we have been carefully considering the responses in order to determine how to proceed on this route.

This is to notify you that it is proposed that a report will be taken to the next meeting of the Audit Resource and Performance Committee on 3 March 2017. Papers are available at

You can listen to the meeting live and following the meeting via audio webcasting which is available using the above link. You can also speak at the meeting if we receive your request by Noon on Wednesday 1 March 2017. More details about the public participation scheme can be obtained from by phoning 01629 816362.

Please note that forward work plans are provided and you may subscribe for updates at


Yours faithfully


Sue Smith

Rights of Way Officer

To aid your locating the correct area and paperwork simply follow my link below and look at Item #6

I have not yet had time to read nor consider the paperwork.





Posted 11th February 2017:

Derby Lane Update


Today I received a communication from the PDNPA and I am hardly surprised by the result despite our past efforts. Two pronged attack really, PINS do not want to accept it as a BOAT and PDNPA want us off it anyway so complete Catch 22 position.

In response to those who might ask for an alternative non tarmac route, I can tell you that there are no alternative non tarmac routes for motorcyclists to use but as a rambler you could always walk Moneyash Footpaths 15; 18; 20 and 24. In the future you will also be able to walk the to become Restricted Byway which was Derby Lane. If you took up caving you could use your motorcycle to visit Derby Lane, caving fits in with the mushroom syndrome of keeping you in the dark, you just need the bull s@@t!

When one reads all of the paperwork it really makes one think just how the PDNPA contradicts itself.

And for those of you who suffer with insomnia and would like to read the paperwork I attach the relevant three files:

1702 Derby Lane - Notice of Making.pdf

1702 Derby Lane - Reg 14 Decision Notice.pdf

Derby Lane - Reg 14 Notification - Organisations.pdf




Posted 2nd February 2017:


I have recently received notification through the PDVUG network that Staffordshire CC has as an Emergency Closure placed a Temporary TRO on both sections of Hollinsclough.

This action apparently is required because of severe land slippage, the current TTRO might need to be extended but I will try and keep you advised of progress.

Grid references; SK062 662 to 065 665 and SK 063 664 to 065 659

Trailwise references; SK 0666-01; SK 0666-02 & SK 0666-04

Trailwise will be updated.

If you meet any other riders or 4X4 users please advise them not to use the routes.




13 January 2017

Greetings folks,

Happy New Year. I thought that I should give you an update on the route known as Brushfield and Putwell Hill, opposite Monsal Dale Head. Regrettably my first update for the year is not a happy one.


The first point for me to make is that the Order on this route is not a Traffic Regulation Order, TRO, but it is a Definitive Map Modification Order, in other words it was brought about by a claimant wishing to claim the route as having motor vehicle rights. The two systems operate in a similar way to each other but they are different. So, we need to register in our minds that we are dealing with the outcome of a DMMO claim.

As I understand the process the Order had already been "issued" for Bridleway/Footpath by DCC (the Highway Authority) but it could not be confirmed due to objections. It was then subject to a Public Inquiry at which it was modified to a "Bridleway and footpath" as an "Interim Decision" by the Inspector. Again this wasn't Confirmed by the Secretary of State due to objections so another PI was held to hear those objections.

Despite the arguments at the second PI to which I, plus TRF Members, PDVUG and TRF, gave evidence the Inspector decided to confirm the DMMO without any major changes other than to remove the word 'footpath'.  As there were no significant changes, it didn't need to be further advertised nor consulted about.

This means so far as I understand it that the DMMO Order has been 'Confirmed on behalf of the Sectretary of State' as a Bridleway and there is no further process to complete.  As soon as signs are erected, users are deemed to know about the revised status, and must not ride/drive the lane, I have heard that signs have been erected although I have not seen them myself.


There is a 6 week window for a legal challenge via the High Court, after the Inspector's final decision was published.  If there is no such legal appeal in place then as I see it we have no justification for continuing to ride/drive the route.  As far as I know there hasn't been made any challenge, as it could be potentially very costly if the challenger was to loose the challenge.

If anybody should like to read the final documentation then please follow the link;

So, after all of that I must advise that you do not ride/drive the route.

I am additionally sure that recording equipment will be watching and folk who do ride it will be reported to the Police in due course.

Another loss to democracy by those who wish to discriminate against us, still we again tried to seek a compromise solution to accommodate all.





3rd December 2016

Minninglow & Gallowlow Lanes, Voluntary restraint.


Just to let you know that LARA has requested please a Voluntary Restraint that we do not use this route until 1st May 2017.

The route gets very water logged, liable to damage on either sides of the water filled ruts and quite honestly unpleasant to ride. Last year we had a similar situation, I am pleased to record that very few people chose to ignore the request so it was deemed a success. Let's hope that we can improve on last year ;)

The situation around Back Ecton is under review and may need a similar VR request but I will update you as things develop.

Please pass this information onto other riders and 4X4 that you might meet in the area.

Thanks for your support it is much appreciated.



Update 4th November

Washgate update.

It is with great pleasure and relief that I can tell you that the PDNPA is seriously considering a modification to their proposed TRO on Washgate.

 It is proposed that subject to certain conditions the Dave Rowland, Bemrose, Reliance and Northern Experts Trials will all be granted exemption to continue to use Washgate.

 I ask that all who will be affected by this, especially those who are competitors, past present and future, writes a short letter of appreciation to say who they are, where they live and why this exemption is so important to them.

 The proposal still needs to be ratified by the ARP Committee and your letters of appreciation will go along way to smoothing the passage.

 Please write to Sue Smith at; and send me a copy too.

 Kind regards,


Hugh Cleary,

Rights Of Way Officer.


Ps I still need the requested historical brochures if you have any.

Notification document Washgates from PDNP

UPDATE 3rd November

This is about Monksdale Lane, to the West of Tideswell, Derbyshire. You may know it by a different name, but it is very distinctive as it has four 90 degree bends in it.  It runs between Summer Cross (near Monksdale House) and Meadow Lane, SK 13704 75238 and SK 14854 74148.  

Trailwise references are SK1375-01 and SK1374-01. ( and )


The historical evidence for proving Monksdale Lane was a public carriageway is very weak and most probably t he only way we are going to be able to keep this lane open is to show it has been used for recreational motoring for the 20 years from 1984 to 2004.

Usage after 2004 won’t count due to the effects of the NERC Act and the date of the BOAT claim for this lane.


GLASS has set up a unique email account  to collect evidence of use.  Please seek out anyone who has recollections, and/or pictures, of driving Monksdale Lane from 1984 onwards, or who has a relative who may have done so.   One year or twenty years, it doesn’t matter because taken altogether it will help us to argue for common law dedication of the route.   Initially, people should just say the route was used and GLASS people will get back to them with more details.


A motor car, motor cycle or any combination of the two will do. Please forward your contact details to

If you ride or drive the lane in the near future, ask any other motorists you see on the lane if they used it before 2004. 
Did their father / grandfather / stepfather / mother drive it?


All related queries and / or answers to  please!

UPDATE 10 October 2016



The DCC are undertaking a survey of views regarding their proposal to modify the surface of part of the route known as Chapel Gate.

If you should like to take part perhaps as a walker, mountain bike rider or horse rider then please follow the link;

If the suggested work was designed to aid access for less abled groups then I would fully support the proposal    (thumbs emoji) but it is fine in its current state for everybody else in my opinion. I suspect that the work is only to improve the section for horse riding purposes (:huh emoji): 

You may recall that this is one of the iconic lanes that were closed by the PDNPA through a permanent TRO to all recreational motorists, it is still a BOAT - but not for All Traffic as the classification describes.

You might also wish to record your views regarding Jacobs' Ladder at Stoney Middleton, again perhaps in your capacity as a rambler, mountain biker or equestrian;

Personally, I think that the proposed monies to upgrade Chapel Gate would be better spent improving the drainage facilities on Jacobs' Ladder which is a true BOAT, at present!

I am sure that recreational motorists would be prepared to assist with voluntary work parties or part funding of the repairs and maintenance of BOATs if we had an honest solution to the perceived problems of the anti motorist groups".






Update for Washgate 29th Sept 2016;

I am today able to provide you with some news, taken from the very latest PDNPA ROW Access Newsletter;

"At the September Audit Resource and Performance committee meeting, Members resolved to consider an amendment to its proposal for a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to prohibit mechanically propelled vehicles at all times on the Washgate route save for named motorcycle trails (Bemrose, Reliance, Dave Rowland and Northern Experts).

We will be carrying out a short public consultation. Details will be at Statutory consultees, landowners and everyone who responded to the previous consultations will be notified of this further opportunity to submit views. These will then be reported to a future meeting of the Committee when Members will be making a decision on how to proceed.”

Please search your records for programmes, photos plus any other form of historical evidence of these trials that you might be able to loan to aid my construction of evidence of use. This historical evidence could be critical to our continued use for future trials.


Thank you,




Consultation to prohibit motorised vehicles on BOAT 15, known as Jacob’s Ladder, Stoney Middleton.

Following many hostile enquiries to the DCC by anti motorist lobbying groups the DCC has been made to seek permission to Consult on imposing some form of Traffic Regulation Order onto Jacob’s Ladder.

This steep and fairly wide lane, clearly signposted as a BOAT, runs adjacent to the parish church of St Martin in Stoney Middleton, uphill to join the Eyam to Grindleford road, B6521 New Road. The surface is basically bedrock with a covering of loose stone and rock debris washed off the hillside. The situation has worsened in recent years in that there has been no maintenance to the lane and there is no method of water control therefore the lower corner section is gradually being eroded by rain water run off.

DCC has placed their initial consultation on the internet for completion. Please use the following link;

It would be really positive if all of our rambler and mountain bike friends who use the route knew about this consultation and filled in a form to show just how well we actually do get along together

May I ask that you please look through your files and see if you can find any photographs, brochures of performance trials, etc, using this little lane and to send copies of them to me so that I may start to collate a portfolio of use.


Hugh Cleary, ROW Officer. 28th September 2016


Update: 2nd September 2016

Derby Lane, Moneyash.

You may recall that some months back DCC submitted an Application to the Public Inspectorate to award the route known as 'Derby Lane' BOAT status.The application was objected to and so I wrote on your behalf to record support for the application. I presented historical evidence which I considered crucial to the Application.

On the 4th August last I attended an on site meeting with the Public Inspector along with a representative from DCC Legal and PDVUG plus one from the ‘opposition’.

We walked and inspected the whole route and I was able to explain in detail my reasons for submitting an Objection to some of the evidence provided by the anti motorists group. It was a very fair and frank meeting and I am satisfied that the Inspector attended with an open mind.

We shall have to wait now for his decision but as soon as I know something I shall give you an update.



Washgates Update also 2nd September 2016:

Greetings folks,

Yesterday, in my capacity as ROW Manchester Group TRF and Manchester 17 MCC, I received a letter from Sue Smith of the Peak District National Park Authorities Rights Of Way Team. The interesting parts are copied here for your information.

Washgate – Proposed Traffic Regulation Order

I last wrote to you in March 2016 to advise you of your opportunity to make representations on the Authority’s proposal for a permanent traffic regulation order restricting mechanically propelled vehicles at all times on the above route. Since then, we have been carefully considering the responses in order to determine how to proceed on this route.

This is to notify you that it is proposed that a report will be taken to the next meeting of the Audit Resource and Performance Committee on 16 September 2016. Papers will be available 7 days before at

You can listen to the meeting live and for at least 4 weeks following the meeting via audio webcasting which is available using this link. You can also speak at the meeting if we receive your request by Noon on the Wednesday before. More details about the public participation scheme can be obtained from or by phoning 01629 816362.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the proposed Meeting as I shall be away until the 25th of September but at least one PDVUG Member will be in attendance to watch and listen. As soon as I can after the meeting I will update you.

If anybody who reads this Post and rides the route over the coming week could take some photos or a 'quiet' video and send them to me I should be most grateful. I am particularly keen to obtain a photo to compare the current conditions to that shown in the following photo from 1946.





A few words from Mr P:

The Nations National Parks including The Peak District Nation Park must not be allowed to become the stage for a simple minded plan “for quiet enjoyment” at the cost of the loss of rights, culture, heritage and all those things that added together made them what they are. They are wonderful places not only because of what they look like but because of what can be done there. There is space for everyone to enjoy the parks in their own way and we must not let self-interested groups impose their prejudice on the rest of us. Our national parks are for everyone not just those who want to put a pair of hiking boots and moan at everyone else they come across or those who want to sit and fall asleep looking at a landscape that no longer reflects what made it the way it is.

We, YOU YES – YOU, me and everyone who wants to continue to enjoy our National Parks and, the Peak District in particular, in our way have to stand up NOW and stop the prejudiced Peak District National Park Authority acting to wipe out the rights our fathers enjoyed and with them the heritage and culture that made the parks what they are. This small band of short sighted authoritarians are busy spending huge amounts of our money responding to the completely unjustified demands of well-funded selfish pressure groups to extinguish our rights simply because we are motorcyclists. That is prejudice. And just like everywhere everyone has the responsibility to stand up against it. If we were a religious or racial group we would have been protected against these people – as it is we have to stand up for ourselves. Let’s do just that NOW.