Results Archive - 2006

Manchester 17 - "Boxing Day Madness" Trial - 26-Dec-2006
Results here & pictures

Pictured: Retro-Gear Prize Winner - Will "Biggles"   Emmott                                                                                                               
                                                                  Pictured Above: "1980's Bling Winner" Andy Hipwell

Pictured: Easier Route Winner Kevin Stannard

Manchester 17 - Northern Experts- 11-Nov-2006
Results are available here + 100's of pictures

Pictured Below: Hard Route Winner Shaun Morris                                                                                    
Pictured Above: Easier Route Winner Mark Reynolds

Manchester 17 - Dead Easy Trial - 15/10/06

Results, Report & 170 Pictures from the trial

Pictured: A few of our younger riders (showing the old boys how to do it!)


Cheshire Centre - Beginners Training Day - Plattwood Farm 07/10/06
More Pictures here

Manchester 17 - "Hipwell" Trial - CNW Championship Round 5 - 24/09/06
 Results, Pictures & Report from the trial

Pictured: "Hipwell" Trial - Hard Route Course Winner Dan Thorpe

Pictured: "Hipwell" Trial - Easier Route Runner-Up Mike Edwards
(Easier Course Winner John Hulme must have put in one of his famous "quick laps" and eluded the club camera!)

Manchester 17 - Dead Easy Trial - 23/09/06
Results & LOADS of Pictures from the trial,

Pictured (left): Lucy Andrew flying through section 10 at the Harratt Grange Dead Easy Trial                                                                                                   

                                                                                                       Pictured: Hard Route Winner Raoul Boulton

Charity Trials - 28/08/06
Full Results and Report (Masters trial) & Pictures from the trial. Dead Easy trial Report

Pictured: Iain Robinson easing through a section at the Dead Easy Charity Trial                                                                                                                       
                                                                                            Pictured: Henry Rosenthal attacking the Metro at the "Masters" Charity Trial

Manchester 17 - Dead Easy Trial - 30/07/06
Results and Report from the trial,
(Pictures: a few pictures courtesy of Gordon Elliot):

Pictured: Rider No 11 Steve Elliot

Manchester 17 - Club Championship Round 3 (Final Round) - 29/07/06
Results  Pictures  Report
Pictured: Club Trial Hard Route Winner: Mike Roberts    

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