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Last update 17 April

Clubs position on Coronavirus here . We will try to run every event as scheduled from now on as long as we are allowed and the ACU permits

Latest News

Dead Easy Trial 1st May at Mow Cop entries open from 2PM today until 2PM next Saturday 24th April see


11 April 2021 Tower Charity Trial - results here and link to pictures here report here see


Dead Easy Trial 3 April results sorted here and rider number order here.

Pictures here

Report here


23rd May - Peaky Boulders Long Distance Trial     entries full see


Hawks Nest Open - rules and booking process  here


Good news on insurance threat to motorsport here


Peaky Boulders a new Long Distance Trial see


Last announcement from the ACU about how our sport is to respond to the current restrictions to control Covid 19 here


Boxing Day 'Madness' Trial

results & report


Alan Nixon long time main force behind North Derbyshire Youth MCC (NDYMCC) died 12 November - very sad day for our sport.


Updated Edgar Series position after R2 of 3 on 11 October see


Road Trial Pilot on 11 October 2020

observer list here

revised results here

link to photos here


Bob Hickson had a BIG off while observing S13. He wants all to know he's OK although has cracked a couple of ribs - hurts!


Pictures from 20 Sept 2020 Macc Club John McDonald Road trail here


Scott's pictures from Pathfinders Covid Release Trial 22 August 2020 here


Post Covid 19 Pilot Trial -  2 August 2020

Amended Results here & Pictures here


24 July: Sad news of death of Roy Rowland (Dave's brother) announced


See if you can beat Mr P's time for 100% score on the ACU's Clerk of the Course (rules) quiz. Click here for what to beat and here for the quiz.


Sad news Malcolm Carnegie died Thursday 28 May from a heart attack while out cycling.


Paul Reynolds who died 10th April after a long struggle with cancer. His funeral was 30th April. There will be a memorial arranged and publicised after the present lock down ends.


Lots and lots more here including  all of 2019 & everything else from 2005 until now

 For 2021:

See ACU Handbook Trials Standing Regulations  (Page 6 )
TSR.1 for full details

*Note change to B/C class again for 2021:

riders who reach the age of 12 in 2021 (ie born after 31.12.2008) have the option of either:
Moving to the B class in the year in which they reach 12 yrs on a machine up to 125cc (and being eligible for B Class points) a rider MUST be 12 to ride a 125 mono.

Remaining in the C Class for another year on a
machine of up to 80cc and retaining eligibility for C Class points.

Youth Age Groups:

A Class born between 01.01.04 and 31.12.05
B Class born between 01.01.06 and 31.12.09*
C Class born between 01.01.09* and 31.12.11
D Class born between 01.01.12 and 31.12.15
E Class: minimum age 4 years at the date of competition. Minimum age for combustion
engine machine is 6 years.


The maximum engine capacity and wheel size permitted for machines used in the age groups set out in this Regulation are as follows:

A&B Class 125cc Mono or 250cc Twinshock**, and Electric up to 10 bhp measured at the rear wheel

**Twinshock machines over125cc must have twin rear suspension and drum brakes at time it was manufactured

C Class Standard & Medium Wheel 80cc, and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel

D Class Medium & Small wheel 80cc, and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel

E Class Small wheel Electric powered machines up to 2 bhp measured at the rear wheel

Wheel sizes

riders must enter the class which covers the wheel size of the machine they take part on

Standard Wheel 21" Front 18" Rear
Medium Wheel 19" Front 17" Rear
Small Wheel 16" Front 14" Rear

The above is based on the wheels of combustion engined machines using motorcycle tyres. If other wheels are used as on current Electric powered machines then the outside diameter (total circumference) of the tyre must not exceed that of the corresponding tyre size.

Engine Sizes

Rebores are permitted subject to the resulting engine capacity not exceeding a tolerance of +3cc

"Pic' of the Day"

Andy 'Porn Star' Turner taking on Phil's Gully, section 8, at our Tower Charity Trial on Sunday 11th April

(click picture for our photo library)


Edgar Trophy Series

2020 series: cancelled as only one round was possible

2021 series news here when we know probably

Rowland 4th July, Hipwell - Hartle 12 Sept  & Northern Experts 13 November.

Final result 2019 and history 


Practice Venues





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DATES 2021

Cheshire and North Wales Trials 2021

East Midlands Centre Events 2021

Please note that these dates are what was planned back in October 2020 and are all subject to Covid 19 change. Please check and see see the Events Diary COMING SOON list below for confirmation

Events Diary COMING SOON

Date Club Event Details

Saturday 1st May

M17 Dead Easy Trial

Permit ACU60530

Click here to enter

The course is wholly on private ground.

The sections will have 2 routes and will be such that on the easier route an experienced Novice would expect to finish on not more than 5 marks. The harder route course will have sections where an Expert should finish clean and an experienced Novice should expect to finish on less than 20 marks. There should be no need for a Conducted Course as the Dead Easy route should be suitable for small wheeled and electric bikes. Those with electric machines should bring spare batteries if possible

Bodkins Bank Farm Congleton Road Mow Cop STOKE-ON-TRENTST7 3PP. OS map grid reference SJ865 582 What3words: ///impaired.prominent.hairpin

The maximum number of entries will be 80. Entries can only be made online at To provide a fair way of selecting valid entries the club will give priority to riders:

a)     who have ridden Dead Easy Trials event in the past,

b)    riders who have ridden Manchester 17 events in the past

c)     10 entries are available to riders who have not completed in our events before

 We will need observers aswe can't self observe with Covid restrictions in place. Please contact me if you can observe.

Ken Roberts 07977 136710


Sunday 23rd May 2021 NDYM



Peaky Boulders

Long Distance Trial

Entries closed - full

Camping is bookable for caravans and motorhomes at Berry Bank Farm Campsite (but not tents, due to Covid restrictions)

We need volunteers to marshal and observe please contact Kev on 0777 1612 789

click here for more info

Manchester 17's 2021 full events dates list here

Note: subject to considerable change due to Covid-19 restrictions see note above


(everyone welcome to any of our meetings)

Date Details
every Tuesday

about 21.00

Social get together at the Fiveways Macclesfield Road Hazel Grove  SK7 6BE

Enduro meeting


location map


Thursday 22nd April

 Trials Internet (Zoom) Meeting

click here and use email to ask for an invite - its mostly organising our events (among the sillyness)

None Planned but when they are details will be here

 AGM More news here when we are allowed to plan an AGM type meeting

Main Committee Meetings 2021

News here when we know when and how we can start our meetings again

Start at 20:30 hrs

at The Fiveways, Macclesfield Road,

Hazel Grove SK7 6BE

location map


All land belongs to someone and riding on it requires the owners permission - simple

Practising at ANY Trials venue, with the exception of known practice venues with the landowners permission (see below) is not allowed

If you're caught by the land owner, or if they find there have been riders practising we will lose the use of the venue completely. NO LAND = NO TRIALS!

Click here for practice venues

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