Our Trials Venues (click here for practice venues)


As a club we are very fortunate to have access to many excellent venues, from the "single venue events" like the "Dead Easy" and "Club" trials to the road-based multi-sub venue trials including the famous Dave Rowland, Fisher, Hipwell/Hartle and Northern Experts.

If you have some land, or know of any land, that could be used to hold a trials event, please contact the trials team here.

Other than Hawks Nest, practising is strictly forbidden at any of the venues listed, many of which are/have areas of special scientific interest (rare/endangered flora/fauna etc).  These areas are frequently patrolled by Peak Park Rangers and illegal riding could jeopardise the future use of these venues.

No riders other than official entrants and club officials (wearing Marshall bibs) are to follow our road trials on the "off-road" sections. 

The main venues we use are:
(in approx order of location, North to South!)




Watty's Quarry

                           Marple Lakes no longer used




             Wheston House     Tideswell Moor, Peak Forest, nr Buxton


Victory Quarry Dove Holes NDYMCC venue

Wrights Farm, Haslin, Buxton.

Booth Farm, Buxton 

The Tower
Hawks Nest, Buxton.

Heaton House Farm (just off map)

Bodkins Bank (off map)


REMEMBER: the venues are available to the club by kind permission of the land owners, NO unauthorised riding is allowed on any of the venues except Hawks Nest.

Venue Name

Description of Venue

Maps / Pictures

The Tower

parking entrance only:



OS Map Grid Ref SJ94316896

close Post Code

SK11 0NN

Lat 53.2177423,



No practice ever at any time


The Tower Trial


Packing is in a field close to The Ryles on Hollin Lane, Sutton.


Huge venue of many private farms joined together for trials through the efforts of Toby (Captain Crash) & Ken Eyre and Dorian Goddard. Consisting of rock filled gullies of varying steepness and difficulty culminating in 'The Captains Crack'

Haslin, (Wrights Farm), Buxton



N 53 13.193

W 1 54.137

No practice ever at any time

Used as both the starting location for the Dave Rowland and Bemrose Road Trials*, and a venue for our Dead Easy & Club Trials.

This large venue sits high in the hills above Buxton, several miles off the A53 Buxton to Leek Road.

Predominately used as a sheep farm, the land is typical of the limestone land to the east side of Buxton (Buxton is split almost in two, the east side being limestone, the west side sand/gritstone with venues such as Hawks Nest, see below).

Grassy bankings, limestone rock outcrops and (sometimes) deep "bomb holes" are the order of the day, with the added bonus of a BIG lap!

A particular favourite for our "Dead Easy" trials as there is plenty of scope for sensible sections, but we also use it for the odd club trial where the bigger rocky outcrops can be used for the harder routes.

As mentioned we also use it as the "parc ferme" for a couple of our road trials, quite often having a "Butty Wagon" on hand to keep the riders and, more importantly, the observers fed and watered!

The venue is available to use only by the club by kind permission of Will & Mandy Wright.

Click map for Larger view Map

A few typical sections/views from the venue:



Hawks Nest, Buxton

SK17 0TH

OS map ref

SK 013 671

Practice allowed

Mainly used as part of some of the road trials (see below) and for the odd club trial. 

Rocks rocks and a few more rocks. Suitable for everyone from beginners to world champions. Of course beginners need to use the less challenging areas - there are some flattish areas.

Off the A53 Buxton to Leek road.

A classic venue, almost good enough to hold a World Round (if parking was better!)

Set on the side of a valley split by the access road, the top part (the true Hawks Nest" part) is a rock-strewn grassy banking with gritstone outcrops. 

The lower part of the venue (we call Robinsons Rocks), below the access road levels out (slightly!) before dropping down into the river (which can range from a babbling brook, to a ranging torrent, depending upon the time of year and the weather).  Still plenty of rocks, but with the addition of some muddy banks, trees and gullies.


Wheston House Farm, Tideswell Moor, Tideswel

No practice ever at any time



We usually run one or two "Dead Easy" trial a year here.

Location:     Off A623 Chapel-en-le-Frith to Chesterfield road approx. 1/2 mile south east of Peak Forest. Closest Post Code SK17 8JD

Another venue consisting of grassy bankings and limestone rock outcrops. If wet make sure you have a good tyre on.



Bodkins Bank Farm Congleton Road Mow Cop

No practice ever at any time

We like to run the occasional trial here.




 Location:   ST7 3PP  OS map grid reference SJ865 582


Slippery grass,tree lined bankings a very small stream and some very gripped shale bankings with a few loose rocks tight parking on hardstanding

Peak Forest, Buxton (Harrat Grange Farm)

No practice ever at any time

We usually run one "Dead Easy" trial a year here.

On the outskirts of Peak Forest nr Buxton.  Just off the A623.


Mainly grassy bankings with a couple of rocky areas, good place to practise your throttle control when the grass gets damp!













Booth Farm, Buxton

No practice ever at any time

We usually us Booth in one of our road trials.

High in the hills above Buxton, several miles off the A53 Buxton to Leek Road.

Another venue consisting of grassy bankings and limestone rock outcrops. 

Also used for the odd section for some of our road trials.


(Approx Location)

A few typical sections/views from the venue:

Heaton House Farm, Ruston Spencer

No practice ever at any time


We usually run  "Dead Easy" trials here.

Between Ruston Spencer and Meerbrook. Off the A523.

Mature trees, a few rocks, steep grassy bankings always very tight turns


A beautiful venue with brilliant views so much so its a very popular venue for weddings.

Watty's Quarry  Marple Bridge

No practice ever at any time

We usually run our Boxing Day Madness Trial here.

Sandhill Lane. Signs off A626 Maple Bridge - Glossop road approx. About 2 miles from Marple Bridge.

Close post code SK6 5NP. OS grid ref: SJ 994 908. Lat 53.413564 Long -2.0107535

Old coal mine tailings and quarry, high rock face (Danger). Rocks and steep slippery grass/gorse /heather


Results of many different industrial uses over the years, once a 'one man mine' and quarry. Popular and used since at least the 1960's for off road  motorcycling



Parking is limited so 'tight and tidy' parking is needed please.

How the place looked in the early 1980's:


in the days before helmets were seen as necessary for trials - the venue was very popular with local riders.

you can see the old quarry face has not changed at all but also that the place looks a lot different now with more grass cover.


Obviously our road trials encompass many different venues/areas, example/typical route maps shown below:

Trial Name

(Usual) Month

Example Route Maps (routes change each year)


No practice ever at any time

January 2020


No practice ever at any time


(* whilst NOT actually a Manchester 17 event, the club does assist in the organisation of the trial)

Dave Rowland

No practice ever at any time



No practice ever at any time

Northern Experts

No practice ever at any time

Cheshire Centres own Trials Ground

Closest post code WA6 9HA

53.262411, -2.735442

Practice only by written consent from Centre

Alvanley Trials Ground

Commonside Alvanley near Helsby



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